Schwinn Trailway 28" (700c) Women's Hybrid

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Schwinn Trailway 28" (700c) Women's Hybrid

Postby Tomcat65 » Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:48 am

Another one for review. I'm not the only person I know who is bicycle addicted :P
The Schwinn Trailway is a hybrid city style bike with many comfort and long distance ride features:
Riser bar
Adjustable angle stem
Wide padded seat, medium wide, not too wide
Aluminum frame
Shimano ST-EF51 trigger shift/brake lever combo set
3x7 gearing
700c x 38 tires
Front suspension fork
Suspension seat post
No tools needed to adjust the seat with the quick release seatpost clamp
Ergonomic grips
I do not know why there are no bottle holder bosses
Schwinn Trailway Gray1
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This bike was delivered in near perfect working condition. One brake pad needed attention, all else was dialed in fine.
1 1/8 steerer tube
Shimano Tourney derailleurs
Beefy Schwinn branded aluminum crank arms
V brakes with stout cast arms
Freewheel rear hub
The popular Schwinn semi sealed bottom bracket
Flat pedals, plastic, not too big, MTB style
Front quick release axle/ rear bolt on
Bosses for rear rack on seat stays
Provisions for fender mounts front and rear, no fenders included
20mm headset spacers, 1- 10mm, 2 - 5mm

On the first ride, it was clear that adjusting the seatpost to ride height was a tiny bit tricky. The suspension seatpost Plus the springs in the seat just keep crushing. In the end, it looks to high, and you have to get used to getting up on it, but it settles an inch or so, and then feels fine. The fact that it follows me up a little when I stand up is kind of distracting, but I'm sure I'd get used to it after a while. I don't know if the lady who rides this bike will notice. The adjustable stem is almost infinitely adjustable, a nice feature on a comfort bike. With the wider tires on 700c rims at about 55psi, this bike is one smooth ride, and the lady who rides it has called this her new favorite ride.
Compared to her Schwinn Ranger MTB
and her Huffy Cranbrook cruiser
I'd have to agree!
19551804_10159051162770096_756802873_o (1).jpg
Schwinn Trailway Gray2
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Re: Schwinn Trailway 28" (700c) Women's Hybrid

Postby rudiger » Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:39 am

Did you get your Trailway from Target? I haven't seen the women's version there, but they carry the men's.

In fact, Target just recently changed the Trailway. The old one was a light bronze color with much more subdued graphics. The upper and lower frame bars were both round. It also had a pullback, comfort-style handlebar and non-comfort grips. The worst thing about it was that the cables were ran on top of the top tube instead of below. It also had 'two' sets of bottle bosses on both the bottom tube and seat post, but lacked a set of rear rack bosses. The wheels were also natural, unfinished aluminum with none of the dumb Schwinn stickers.

The newer men's Trailway is a dark blue color, the much more flamboyant graphics and triangulated frame with straight handlebars and comfort grips with cables below the top tube. Only one set of bottle bosses but this one has rear rack bosses and black painted wheels with the ubiquitous 'schwinn' stickers. There is also what appears to be a cheaper version of the trigger shifters with full plastic levers where the old one had metal levers with plastic ends.

I actually had both versions. The old one was on clearance for $75. It was okay but it had the dreaded Schwinn rear cassette 'click' in second / fifth gear. It was only occasional, so it was only mildly irritating. Frankly, if not for the cables on top of the top tube and lack of comfort grips and rear rack bosses, I liked it better than the new one.

I then got a returned, newer blue version. Aside from the cheaper shift levers, it had much worse issues. I couldn't get the front brakes not to squeal, no matter how much I adjusted them. It looks like some of the rubber from the pads rubbed off onto the wheel and I couldn't get it off. I also noticed someone took off the wheel stickers, maybe in an effort to stop the squealing, so I'm guessing it was one of the reasons it was returned.

Even worse was the Schwinn rear cassette 2nd/5th gear 'click'. In addition to having that, it also had a much more pronounced clicking coming from the bottom bracket area. I strongly suspect these issues were the reasons it had been returned and why it was marked for clearance.

I don't know the cause of the rear cassette 'click', but it can't be adjusted out with the high/low screws since it's in the second / fifth gear range (exactly in the middle where the screws have no effect). I have no idea if it's common to most BBB Schwinns, but it's sure been common to the ones I've gotten and I suspect it has something to do with the way the cassettes are made and/or assembled.
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Re: Schwinn Trailway 28" (700c) Women's Hybrid

Postby Tomcat65 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:10 pm

More often than not, a narrow, upgrade chain will resolve the clicking.
This Trailway was a Target deal, a return that had been fixed and sold through a third party local retailer.
The clicking is most common on the 7 speed bikes. dddd was talking about the spacing of the cogs in another thread. I don't see how these 7 speed bikes could Not click in certain gears
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Re: Schwinn Trailway 28" (700c) Women's Hybrid

Postby rudiger » Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:58 pm

That's a good suggestion on replacing the chain. In fact, one of my suspicions has been that, with the bouncing around these cheap BBBs endure throughout their pre-sale lives (especially going in/out/sitting in a BBS rack), the chains often get slightly bent somewhere and it's that slight bend somewhere in the chain that's causing the noise as it winds through the cassette at its narrowest point (right in the middle at fifth gear). It could also explain why it's an occasional click that comes and goes as the pedaling increases and decreases the torque on the chain. I mean, if you spin the crank with the rear wheel off the ground, you can actually see how the chain deflects and doesn't travel completely straight between the gears.

BTW, what was wrong with the Trailway that it had to be repaired?

FWIW, I did some research on the trigger shifters of the old and new Trailways and the type of older, more common Shiimano shifters is EF51. The cheaper ones on the new Trailways are EF41.

There's what appears to be a much nicer, linear-view version with an EF65 designation. They're the ones on the Target Schwinn Circuit bicycle. They were what I thought was on the new Trailway.
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