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These are bikes that work well on the road for recreational riding or trips to the store and also work for paved or well groomed bike trails, rails-to-trails and around the block.

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Schwinn DSB vs. GTX 2.0: Disc Brakes!

Sun May 29, 2016 1:31 am

Wally-World carries the Schwinn DSB (Dual Sport Bike). The most noteworthy feature is disc brakes, something that is normally reserved for mountain bikes. There's also a Schwinn Dodger carried by Target with disc brakes but it's much more of a cruiser, with fenders and a rear rack (but, oddly, no front suspension fork). It's also a lot pricier, coming in at a full $50 more than the DSB (regular price).

Meijers has the almost identical GTX 2.0 (it also has some small 'Dual Sport' lettering on the front of the top-tube stripe with 'GTX 2' at the trailing end)' . It's usually on sale for $10 more than the DSB. The color is bright red while the DSB is a much more muted dark red (maybe 'burgundy' is a better description)' The DSB wheels are completely black whereas the GTX rims having a bare edge as would normally be used for V-brakes. Frankly, the unfinished edge might be better since the black edge might show up potential scratches from changing a tire and/or inner tube.

But the thing that separates the GTX is that the rear wheel is held on using a quick-release skewer. The DSB just has a couple of traditional nuts holding on the rear wheel. That feature, alone, makes the GTX worth the extra $10.

The bottom line is that anyone considering the DSB from Walmart should definitely try and find a comparably-priced GTX 2.0, instead.

Re: Schwinn DSB vs. GTX 2.0: Disc Brakes!

Sun May 29, 2016 7:51 am

I saw the Schwinn DSB at a WalMart a few days ago. I was actually impressed.
And, unless you're hauling your bike around in a hatchback, or in the trunk of your car, a rear quick release is worthless to me. A standard nut/bolt axle is much stronger and will hold position longer than any hollow axle QR.
Other than the differences you already pointed out, they appear to be the exact same frame and components. The tires on both are the same 38mm wide.

and I just like the Oxblood color better lol..
But the bright red GTX2.0 is a flashy eye catcher

But what works for me, might not work best for everybody else. When buying a bike like this, on a tight budget, you want all of the bang for the buck you can get. Buy what matters to You!

Enlarged images here;
Walmart DSB

Schwinn GTX2.0

Re: Schwinn DSB vs. GTX 2.0: Disc Brakes!

Sun May 29, 2016 11:29 pm

Thanks for the pics.

I thought there might be a preference to having a bolted rear axle over a quick-release skewer. FWIW, there's also the possibility of a quick-release being needed to affix certain types of rear racks on rear disc brake equipped bikes; Blackburn supplies a longer quick-release skewer for their disc brake rear rack. Of course, there's also the added advantage of being able to quickly remove the rear wheel without tools if there's an unfortunate event far from home (i.e., flat tire). It's not that much more effort to haul along a flat 15mm open end wrench but, still...

Baring those circumstances (along with being able to easily take-down the bike for certain types of transport), I can certainly agree that a bolted rear wheel is more sturdy. It's actually rather nice that there are two versions of what is essentially the same bike, only with different color and whether someone wants a bolted rear wheel or one with a quick release. One of them should certainly fill the bill.

Edit: I did a bit of research and discovered that the biggest concern with disc brakes and QR axles is not strength, but the possibility of an improperly tightened QR level falling into the brake disc. In fact, a little over a year ago, none other than Trek issued a recall for their front disc brake bikes since, evidently, there had been a few cases of the level falling into the brake disc with, as one might imagine, unfortunately consequences as the front tire locked up and the rider did an endo. A common solution, at least with the front QR, was to shift the lever to the opposite side of the disc. This wasn't recommended on the rear since then you'd have the problem of the level falling into the cassette which, presumably, would be worse than it falling into the rear brake disc.

Another concern was that the lever would get quite hot as heat from the disc brake transferred over. But the one thing I didn't see mentioned was anything about the QR axle being less sturdy than the bolted axle. Of course, QR axles are generally a lot more common on the front wheel than the rear, so maybe the strength problem will rear its ugly head at some point in the future as rear QR axles become more common.

As to the color, while the dark red of the DSB could be considered more elegant, I like the GTX's bright red simply for the enhanced visibility.

Re: Schwinn DSB vs. GTX 2.0: Disc Brakes!

Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:50 am

Thank you, rudiger for taking the time to share your DSB vs GTX2.0 comparison.
I will be going with the GTX 2.0 because of the rear QRL.

Re: Schwinn DSB vs. GTX 2.0: Disc Brakes!

Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:28 pm

Ronb wrote:Thank you, rudiger for taking the time to share your DSB vs GTX2.0 comparison.
I will be going with the GTX 2.0 because of the rear QRL.

Something else you might want to take a look at are the disc brake calipers. The GTX2.0 has what appear (to me, anyway) cheaper, smaller calipers that have a solid back. The also seem to use smaller, round pads. The DSB has more traditional calipers with an open back and rectangular pads.

I found some cheap Shimano BR-M375 calipers for sale on Aliexpress for $16.38 and will be changing them. You can read about it over on the 'Components' forum.

Also, I think the newer DSB has a newer version of the Sure-Fire Trigger shifters. Between the new shifters and better calipers, it might be worth foregoing the rear QRL.
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