Schwinn Admiral Women's Bike

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Schwinn Admiral Women's Bike

Postby Tomcat65 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:23 am

A lady friend of mine picked up one of these last night:
Schwinn Admiral, 700c womens bike, hybrid
7ac98a0f-3377-4efb-8c09-8e28ca50b2e2_1.45f78f911611445bc350b9f350bd877d.jpeg (25.17 KiB) Viewed 394 times

So far I'm impressed with it!

WalMart assembly is right on par, the seat is loose and flopping around, the rear brake cable was out of the frame bosses, then too tight when back in place, the handlebars tilted down toward the pedals, the rear derailleur was a smidge off and clicking constantly as it guided the chain just off center, the tires were almost flat, the front brake was too loose... probably more assembly issues, but that's been the first round. All of these issues were fixed/adjusted and the bike is looking sharp. Weighed in on my trusty scales at a solid 36lb. considerably lighter than the previously listed WalMart spec of 41lb.

On the awesome side, it's much like the quality of the Schwinn Ascension, and many other Schwinn BBB's, It has:
aluminum wheel rims and hubs
steel handlebar and aluminum stem
Solid aluminum brake levers and lever mounts
Beefy aluminum brake arms with long design brake pads
The rear rack has a spring type grip and a solid feel
Nice full fenders made of aluminum with round steel support rods
the rear reflector mounts to the rear fender
7 speeds with a twist shifter
A quick release axle on the front wheel
Odd acorn looking rear axle nuts, looks like it would work well on a typical stationary trainer
700x35c tires, brown..

Not so awesome:
The usual freewheel hub
The bare minimum Shimano rear derailleur that's become very popular on BBB's
The no name twist shifter, but it does have a barrel adjustment
The one piece steel crank, American Standard bottom bracket, can be converted to BSA with an adapter
The seat... WTH? Maybe it's supposed to look retro, but it's very plain and a little odd to sit on
No quick release on the rear wheel

Up for your own interpretation:
Steel frame - Schwinn Lifetime Warranty
Leather looking stitched grips (mint green stitching) brown
Very detailed decals on top tubes and chain guard
The rear rack is chromed steel
there's an aluminum bell, pull back the hammer and let it go, dings once
Wide plastic pedals, no traction knobs, you could ride without shoes

That's my first impression of this bike, We've had some really messy weather, but as it clears up, I'll post ride reviews and the mods. The lady riding this bike likes the retro look and kind of wants to apply a hippy look lol.. :P I'm looking forward to seeing what she does with it.
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Re: Schwinn Admiral Women's Bike

Postby Tomcat65 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:53 pm

Another hour tuning, and then 5 miles of riding the Admiral today, I found more fun stuff..

The front fender is not very adjustment friendly. The right side support bar to the back of the fender was bowed inward, Straightened that out, and a few tweaks later, it was centered around the front tire.
The front quick release was not tight enough to keep the front tire from rubbing the fender during hard side to side pedaling.
The rear derailleur was never going to see 1st gear as it was, cable installed too tight.
The seat will have to be replaced.
The brake levers were not symmetrical, angle and distance adjusted in minutes.
The rear brake was not centering on release. A little dry chain lube on the arm pivots, and a whole lot of messing with the spring tension adjustment screws, and I was finally getting a gap on both sides on release.

During the ride, I found a lot of character too:
This long frame bike is a wide steer situation, with a really narrow feeling handlebar..
Something clicks constantly as you apply power, even with the derailleur adjusted as accurately as possible.. The rear freewheel is a wobbly thing..
The seat is just Blaaa..
Straight line and normal conditions on the road, this bike was Great!

As I was messing with it, I realized:
The tires are very heavy, considering their size.
The grips aren't great quality, but grips are replaceable.
The chainguard is easily tweaked out to a position where it doesn't rattle so much.
It doesn't take a huge tool kit to do a basic tune up (5mm, 6mm allen keys, 9mm, 10mm, 14mm, and 15mm sockets, and a #2 phillips screwdriver)

Compared to the Cranbrook cruiser, it seemed slow, but in reality, it was a much better ride, and was just as fast and less effort to ride.
Compared to my Schwinn CrossPoint, it was never going to keep up, but this bike is built more for comfort.
Compared to a mountain bike, it's as heavy, but much easier to ride on the road, and very comfortable fit... Except for that horrible seat lol..

Would I recommend the Admiral to anyone else? Ya! Sure.. Just take some time and tune it properly, or have a bike shop tune it for you.

My next project on this bike? Bottom bracket disassembly and repack those bearings, along with the wheel bearings, maybe the headset.. And this:
Schwinn brown comfort saddle.jpg
Schwinn brown comfort saddle.jpg (45.44 KiB) Viewed 379 times

I figure the lady who rides this bike, will be happy with it, when her backside is happy :P
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Re: Schwinn Admiral Women's Bike

Postby Gone Platinum » Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:44 pm

I absolutely love this bike! What does a chic that hasn't been on a bike in over 30 years know? Not a signal thing about the interchangeable mechanical details of a bicycle. However, I do know what feels comfortable as well as know the look I desire. I had no idea that a bike could be personalized and designed to fit even me! Tomcat65 has been the best at helping me achieve just that.

I started out with a Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser, and I really liked it. Although, as I stated before, I hadn't been on a bike since my youth. So I actually had nothing to compare it to. It was a lot easier to get back on a bike than I thought it would be. Had some fun on the Huffy, that is until my 16 year old son decided that he would take ownership of it. Which was ok by me, just gave me an excuse to search out another.

A quick trip to Wal-Mart and I knew I wanted this Schwinn Admiral as soon as I saw it. It's mint colored paint with dainty coral and brown graphics was just my cup of tea.

First ride out on "Janis" (yes I named my bike Janis after Janis Joplin) and I was whining about the uncomfortable seat. Sure it looked super cool but my backside was screaming, "Get back on the Huffy!" Tomcat65 suggested just replacing the seat. In agreement with him, I was still concerned that I wouldn't find the comfort I had found on the Huffy Cranbrook.

After he replaced my seat I was off on a test ride once again. Ok, seat was much better. Then I realized I didn't feel that I had the control I wanted. He suggested changing the handlebars. What? You mean you can just switch out stuff I don't like and replace it with things I want? Geez a gal could get use to this!

I feel that I speak for every other ignorant person when I say I had no idea that a bike I picked up at Wal-Mart could be customized to suit my desires. Opened up a whole new take on riding a bike for me. I actually got pretty excited about it.

Tomcat65 changed out my handlebars and the difference is overwhelming. I absolutely love riding this bike. It's comfortable and I feel in complete control, which is important for an inexperienced bike chic as myself.

So where are we now? Janis is awaiting a ride very soon. Pretty pumped about my vintage replica headlight and taillight that is about to be installed. As silly as it seems, I can't believe I've found a new passion and admiration for a bicycle.

So, next photo op, I'll post some pics of Janis, my retro hippie bike! Hope you enjoy seeing the subtle changes of customization. As far as the mechanical needs, I trust Tomcat65 to call those shots. I'll just comply with his expertise and certain I will not be disappointed.
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Re: Schwinn Admiral Women's Bike

Postby jasnooks » Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:37 am

I'm uglyImage
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