Mongoose Salvo Expert FS deal

The industry is coming out with new riding formats and 27.5 looks like a keeper. Here's where you talk it over with other riders.
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Re: Mongoose Salvo Expert FS deal

Postby Purple Haze » Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:46 pm

They are cutting deals over here in Europe also because the new bikes just arrived in stores all across Switzerland. The brand new KTM mountain bike is on the shelves here and the paint job is awesome as well as many other brands with multicolored neon glow frames. The mark up for groupsets is the real story going on here with 1x groupsets costing close to one thousand bucks. The scams are on steroids and LBS down the street is offering payment plans. Ebikes are by far the biggest thing here in Europe and its only getting bigger.
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