27.5" Genesis V2100

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27.5" Genesis V2100

Postby slacknsurf420 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:21 pm

***I'll post an updated picture next ride***

I found a Genesis V2100 at my local Walmart about five or six months ago, and since then, have gone through rigorous exercise commuting to and from work with this machine. I have 500+ miles logged as a newbie.

I immediately had a new Shimano M311 crankset installed by LBS and installed old school bear claw pedals by sunlite. Furthermore after tire problems and a bump on the road, I installed Bontrager 650b tubes and XR2 tires, as well as some solid aluminum brake levers branded by Origin8, a WTB speed comp saddle, front light by Nite Rider 500 lumens, inexpensive wired speedo, and Biologic Revue rear light that has worked great.

I want to get more upgrades done, eventually changing out the wheelset, the rest of the drivetrain to 8 speed (m311 is compatible), and get the rear disc break adapter. But before I do that I still want to do the handlebars, stem, front fork, and I may as well get a rear dampened suspension.

I found bars and stem by Origin8 I like on Amazon. Rear spring I saw the DNM coil for only $45. Since I run 650b, I thought that since I want a 650b fork, something like the XCT depending on my budget or better, the 650b fork should raise the height of the bike...

With the height raised on the front by a bigger better fork, do you think I could fit a larger coil spring or air suspension in the rear than

Say, 7.5" or 190mm?

I think the geometry of the 27.5" V2100 is already a little different from the original 26". I'll add pictures and you decide if it looks like it could work.
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Re: 27.5" Genesis V2100

Postby orvil » Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:03 pm

No. 650b and 27.5 are the same wheel size. Same tire and wheel. You can't lengthen rear suspension travel safely like you potentially can front suspension travel. Your stock front fork is probably 80mm travel and you can safely go with a 100mm travel fork. But I question your desire to upgrade your suspension anyway. Is your bike used for commuting or actually ridden on trails? Longer travel will actually make a commuter more "mushy" as far as pedaling effenciency. If you use this bike strictly for commuting I'd leave it as-is. Now this is just my opinion.
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Re: 27.5" Genesis V2100

Postby Tomcat65 » Thu Aug 10, 2017 6:32 pm

I think

You need to post more pics!
I wish they had come up with a 29" Genesis XR Pro killer. It would most likely have to be a V2100 upscale. The full suspension Genesis 29'er is a Diamondback look-alike, but nowhere near the quality. This 27.5 version looks like a winner.

A lot of guys made longer rear shocks work on the 26'er, but I wonder how effective a shock becomes when the rocker arm is pitched at a different angle, which changes the dynamic of the arc of the rocker swing. Which must change the way the shock reacts to the leverage. A shock entirely too long can put the rocker at such an angle that the rear triangle looks like it would bind, or possibly force the rocker in the wrong direction on a sudden hard hit after a jump... Fully unloaded, then instantly maxed out. Everything needs to line up correctly to keep the intended transfer of the load through the arc of the rocker. And, with the rocker being unequal length from pivot to shock, and from pivot to rear triangle, it just gets more complicated.

I like it, You're definitely headed in a good direction with it. The black V2100's are one of my favorite BBB's. Very easy to upgrade, way capable, but as usual for BBB's, a little on the heavy side.
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