New member with a new Terrex

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New member with a new Terrex

Postby EFisher » Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:26 pm

Hi there everyone. Recently picked up a Mongoose Terrex and the upgrades have already started. So far I installed a set of Raceface turbine cranks 1x with Raceface BB. Changed the rear derailleur to a Shimano Alivio, and of course a set of alloy pedals. I have new Avid brake levers and a Microshift thumb shifter on the way. Should be here tomorrow. I'll be hitting a pretty rough trail on Thursday to test everything out. Anyone with a Terrex care to share their upgrades?
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Re: New member with a new Terrex

Postby dddd » Wed Dec 14, 2016 2:34 pm

Too bad that the Terrex and similar Hondo bikes have their discussions scattered among the different wheel-size and "fat bike" Index Page topics, since there is (yet) still no "mid-fat" or "plus" category to locate all of the many Terrex and Plus-bike postings.

Like you, I quickly discarded the shifters (didn't work right), the levers (plastic adjuster threads pre-stripped), the all-steel crankset and handlebars (heavy!), the chain (plain sided design, shifted klunky), rear derailer (flat cageplate snagged on the spokes) and went from there.

I only kept the wheels, the headset, front derailer, calipers and a few cables. I shortened the cable housings, installed softer grips, rebuilt the fork with good grease and rubber boots, installed a Shimano crank, bb, Sunrace 13-28t freewheel, suspension seatpost and better saddle, bars, clipless pedals and shorter stem.

I will next use the Suntour XCT fork that I removed from from my Huffy TR745, since the stock steel fork flexes too much when the disc brake is applied, pulling the steering to the left.

I took the picture below a while back, when I had about 500 off road miles on it. I have parked the bike since July when I bought my Huffy TR745 and used the Mongoose wide rims on that bike, but am now building a new pair of wheels for the Huffy and will get the Mongoose up and running again.

I finally put racing-quality WTB Vigilante tires (2.3" size") on the Terrex/Hondo rims, and it gave the Huffy a much more snappy feel to the acceleration and speed. I had to increase the pressure from 15psi all the way up to 25psi to prevent pinch-flatting the rear inner tube, since the new tires have a lightweight casing that make each tire a full pound lighter. That was a trade-off, since I had almost no flats on the stiff original tires.

Good luck with your Terrex, and watch out (listen for) any tendency for the rear derailer cage to make contact with the spokes, since the spokes angle almost outward to the edges of the super-fat rims. The better Shimano derailers have a highly-contoured cage plate that won't easily snag on the spokes. Hopefully your 1X setup reduces that tendency!

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Re: New member with a new Terrex

Postby Biggin76 » Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:58 pm

Im in to watch, all you had to do is say Raceface! Lol
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Re: New member with a new Terrex

Postby Wolfgaurd1 » Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:50 am

I bought mine earlier this year and love it, I've broken 2 derailuers so far. And I have since replaced the crappy twistshifters with some crappy knock-off shining shift/brake lever combo(broken already). So now I'm going to get a new group set on ebay, I saw a nice shimano deore set with the crank, cassette, shifters, and hydralic brakes for aronud $200. And then I'll replace the wheels and tires, my wife had a fit when I wanted a $500 bike, so to prove a point and for my enjoyment I'm building a $800 bike. Oh and I replaced all the cables and housings too, it made a huge difference and would highly suggest you do it if you picked up from walmart like i did. I got it home and took it apart and put it back together the right way, there were alot of loose parts and rust from it being out side. 2 hours and it's a much better ride.
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Re: New member with a new Terrex

Postby EFisher » Thu Dec 15, 2016 3:19 pm

IMG_0443.JPG (340.86 KiB) Viewed 401 times
IMG_0443.JPG (340.86 KiB) Viewed 401 times
IMG_0444.JPG (319.05 KiB) Viewed 401 times
IMG_0445.JPG (334.63 KiB) Viewed 401 times
So far I have added Avid brake levers, Clarks CMD-11 calipers, Microshift thumb shifter, Raceface cranks, BB, and front chainring, Alloy pedals, Alivio rear derailleur.

Took out on a pretty rough trail today and it did better than I thought it would. The front fork wasn't a fan of the brutal rock gardens I went through, but it survived! I even had a guy ask me where I bought the tires. I replied "Walmart" Haha! I explained to him it was a Walmart bike that I upgraded. He was impressed. On the way down the trail, I was right with him and his riding buddy. It was a day. Heres a few pics of what i've done.
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Re: New member with a new Terrex

Postby 2TrakMind » Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:12 pm

You all may just have the answer I'm looking for. I just bought a used Terrex and want to upgrade the BB. EFisher, I was hoping you could tell me what the dimensions are and what size the replacement should be?

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