Kent RCT Upgrades

The industry is coming out with new riding formats and 27.5 looks like a keeper. Here's where you talk it over with other riders.
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Re: Kent RCT Upgrades

Postby Tomcat65 » Fri Jun 24, 2016 9:20 pm

That Looks GREAT!
You're going to LOVE the hydraulic brakes. I'm wanting a set for my bike too! lol
Funny how a few mods make a bike feel so different.
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Re: Kent RCT Upgrades

Postby 4BangN » Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:49 pm

I just bought one of these bikes and I cannot wait to take it out. I will be in touch with you about these upgrades as I am already looking into upgrading the front shock!!
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Re: Kent RCT Upgrades

Postby Leedav77 » Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:59 am

I have the kent RCT 27.5 inch and I'm doing many upgrades. I saw smoothCows bike and it's nice. I'm looking to upgrade the front brake caliper. Does anyone know which replacement part would bolt right on?. I'll try to post some pics of my bike.
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Re: Kent RCT Upgrades

Postby Falcon900EX » Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:09 am

I just started eyeing this bike as a possible gravel grinder. Your upgrades look great! Might be a little big for me, unfortunately... are you able to give approximate measurement from center of crankset to top of seat tube? How about effective top tube (top center of head tube straight across to seatpost/seattube)?

I was thinking with a 650b disc bike I could maybe do 29er rims with 35-40mm gravel/slick tires. Thanks for the inspiration!
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Re: Kent RCT Upgrades

Postby dddd » Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:46 pm

When changing the rim size (diameter), it will take a big change in tire width in order to make up for the change in ride height at the bottom bracket.

Going from 29" to 27.5" rims changes the height by 3/4".

Going from 27.5" to 26" rims changes the height by 1/2".

Where the frame has clearance for much fatter tires, most if not all of the height can be made up for.

Same thing applies to changing to the next larger rim size, where a much narrower tire can restore ride height and clearance above the tread.

If this bike's frame is on the large size, that would make it a good candidate for switching to a wide road/drop handlebar and shorter stem, and the reverse is true when changing a road bike to flat bars.

So, you can sometimes allow the creation of a "plus" bike or a "minus" bike by mis-matching the rim size to the frame, and you can better allow the bar style to be changed out by mis-matching the original bike's frame size to the rider!
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Re: Kent RCT Upgrades

Postby redraider » Mon Feb 27, 2017 8:26 am

i am late to this bike but looking to take apart and upgrade for fun and learning. if i want to buy new wheelset for this bike and go to freehub rather than freewheel, are there any special dimensions for the rear wheel? i believe it comes nutted and the rear is 10 x 135.
also does anyone know how wide a tire i can use for this frame? kent says no more than 2.2. i assume with a new fork that accepts wider it would not be a problem to go wider on the front.
i would appreciate anyone who has the bike if you could tell me the clearance on the rear triangle. walmart does not have any on the floor around here.
finally why does this aluminum frame bike weigh so much? kent says 36 lbs.
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Re: Kent RCT Upgrades

Postby dddd » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:57 pm

My Huffy TR745 weighs just as much with the same 27.5 wheel size, it's all the parts and frame added up that makes it heavy.

The biggest one thing to reduce weight might be the fork, you can drop 2-1/2lbs by using an Epicon fork, it's all-alloy and no coil sprngs.

Next are the tires, maybe 2lbs can be saved there if the stock tires are pretty wide like on my Mongoose Hondo. I had to run much higher pressure with lighter-weight tires!

Wheels can be swapped out for weight savings, but that's really expensive unless you build your own. These 7-speed bbb's use freewheels so the rear wheel is heavier

Some of these bikes have steel crankarms and steel handlebars, so weight can be lost there too.
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Re: Kent RCT Upgrades

Postby ocdjg » Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:54 pm

This was the thread that I referred to a lot when I started modding and upgrading my Kent RCT. Its been a great little bike and its gotten me out on the trails so I love it for that. For any folk on here that have purchased this bike, or are thinking about purchasing this bike let me tell you what I've done to mine. Everything that I've done thus far was either to replace a broken part caused by my doing, or a part that simply wore out.

Right out the gate I had to replace the handlebars and stem. My handlebars would not stay straight on the steer tube no matter how much I tightened up the screws. So I ended up replacing it for a 680mm flat bar made by specialized. It was wider than the stock stem could handle so I ended up upgrading the stem at the same time to a 100mm long one.

Next on the list to be replaced was the front shock. I'm a fairly large man (230 lbs but I was 260+ when I started riding), and the front shock was complete and utter garbage. It could not handle my weight or anything else for that matter. I upgraded that to a Suntour XCM fork that has a 100mm travel and sports a lockout feature. This was hands down my best upgrade.

After that I ended up breaking a pedal from a pedal strike, so I replaced and upgraded them with some crankbros 3030 platform pedals. The saddle and seatpost were shortly replaced as well since I discovered that I was riding with my seat too low (I'm 6'2").

After a couple hundred miles later I ended up bending my rear wheel axle, so I replaced and upgraded the wheelsets completely going from the freewheel to a cassette. In that upgrade I also ended up scoring a set of Maxxis IKON rubbers. The wheels and tires upgrade made a world of difference.

The last items that have been replaced due to wearing out and breaking were the original no-name cranks and derailluers. I've upgraded all of them with Shimano ones (deore XT in the front, tourney in the rear, and M311 crankset).

So that has been my journey with this bike. Do I regret it, no as I have learned a great deal. However could I have gotten a better used bike for the money I put into this bike, sure. But my cost has been spread out over the course of the season, and I'm riding this thing in intermediate trails.
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