Fat Tire Clearance & Specs on Malus, Dolomite & Hitch

Wide-tire bicycles with flotation are great in snow or on sand.
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Fat Tire Clearance & Specs on Malus, Dolomite & Hitch

Postby desertguns » Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:36 pm

This info was in my Hitch & Dolomite threads & seems to make better sense to put it in one place. Don't wanna rewrite everything so I'm just gonna copy & paste the relevant bit here. Things may get edited as we gain more info. Any real world measurements & photos are welcome. Should fits, could fits & maybe ifs, don't do us much good :P
Got the 4.25” Vee Bulldozer & 4.8” Surly Knard today & wanted to post first observations. Don’t bust me on the oz to gr weight conversion. Actual grams are posted where oz are rounded.
Vee Bulldozer 26 x 4.25 120 tpi, folding bead. Actual weight is 3# 3oz / 1446 grams with advertised weight of 1350 grams (mounted widths list below)
Surley Knard 26 x 4.8 120 tpi, folding bead. Actual weight is 3# 4 oz / 1472 grams with advertised weight of 1506 grams (mounted widths list below) Will not fully clear Malus/Hitch chainstays
Vee always lies about tire weights, as do many mfgs. First time out with Surly & it is lighter than spec. Good on them.
Stock street tread older Dolomite & Beast tire is 6# 5oz or 2873grams or, metric sh*tloads of dead weight.
Stock Hitch tires (on new Dolomites too) 26 x 4.0 1884 gram & 1798 grams - As of 10/31/2017 these can be purchased at Amazon for $41.28 ea. Mongoose # MG78251-2 Claimed weight on Amazon is 2.1 lbs or 953 grams which is incorrect (to say the least). Malus is not shipping with these tires & Tomcat's Malus has a different tread patter & are about 300 grams lighter than the Dolo or Hitch. More info in Tomcat's Malus thread.

A few pics of old & new. No pics of the Surly yet.

Bulldozer & stock tire on Hitch

Dozer & Vee8

Dozer & Vee Mission

So you're wondering if those 4.8" Surly Knards will fit your Hitch or Malus...Yes, sort of. Maybe. You have about 3/8" clearance on the fork but, ZERO clearance on the back at the chainstays. I read somewhere here that a member trimmed the side knobs on a tire t fit his bike. That's what you'd have to do here as well. Now that's not to say another brand of 4.8" advertised tire won't fit, or a 4.7" might fit even tighter. These are not legal standards tediously adhered to by asian tire manufacturers. Just know if you're in that width territory, you'll just have to try. BTW the stock tubes are marked 4.0" - 4.9" so no problem there. BBTW - They DO fit a Dolomite with no issues :mrgreen:



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Re: Fat Tire Options on Malus, Dolomite & Hitch

Postby desertguns » Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:38 pm

The beginning of what will be a reborn Dolomite, Dolodid, Dolomite MKII, something clever perhaps...Anyway, the stock Hitch/Malus rims with a 4.25" Vee Bulldozer on front & 4.8" Surly Knard on the back. That's right, 4.8" :twisted: Because the bigger meats fit this frame & not the Hitch/Malus, The Dolo gets the makeover & the Hitch gets the old wheels (which will be rebuilt) & tires & remains stock.


Plenty more chainstay space compared to the Hitch/Malus
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Re: Fat Tire Options on Malus, Dolomite & Hitch

Postby desertguns » Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:07 pm

This was in another thread I posted a couple years ago. Many are still in production.
From Fat-Bike.com http://fat-bike.com/2012/01/tire-weights-for-fat-bikes/

Updated 3-22-14
On One Floater – 120tpi Folding – 1481g, 1510g
Surly Black Floyd – 120tpi – 1090g,1060g
45NRTH Hüsker Dü – (New 2012 Light Carcass 120tpi) – 1210g,1210g,1210g,1220g
Surly Endomorph – 120tpi – 1340g,1360g,1340g,1290g, 1380g, 1380g,1660g, 1620g
Surly Endomorph – 27tpi – 1390g, 1600g
45NRTH Hüsker Dü (Original 120tpi) – 1310g,1310g,1320g,1320g,1350g,1390g
Surly Larry – 27tpi – 1440g,1510g, 1640g
Surly Larry – 120tpi – 1430g,1420g,1430g,1370g
Surly Larry – 120tpi Folding, Light Casing – 1110g,1130g,1110g
Surly Nate – 120tpi – 1570g,1550g
Surly Big Fat Larry – 120tpi Folding, Light Casing – 1360g
Surly Big Fat Larry – 120tpi Wire – 1530g,1510g,1580,1530
Origin8 Devist8er – Kevlar Protection – 1820g, 1850g
Surly Knard 26×4.0 – 27tpi, steel bead – 1600g
Surly BUD - 120tpi Folding, Light Casing – 1630g
Surly Knard 26×4.0 120tpi, Folding – 1260g, 1290g
45NRTH Escalator – 180tpi, Folding, Studdable – 1210g,1210g,1230g,1210g
45NRTH Hüsker Dü - 27TPI Wire Bead – 1610g, 1570g, 1570g, 1600g, 1610g, 1560g.
Vee Rubber Vee 8 – 120 tpi, folding - 1361g, 1404 g, 1370g, 1390g, 1458g
Vee Rubber Speedster – 120 tpi, folding - 984g, 972 g, 1048g, 1083g, 1095g
Vee Rubber Mission – 120 tpi, folding – 1370g, 1390g, 1400g, 1420g, 1420g, 1410g
Vee Tire Snowshoe – 120 tpi, folding – 1185g, 1247g
Fatback Sterling – 120tpi, folding – 1236g, 1238g
Vee Tire Snowshoe XL – 120 tpi, folding – 1604g, 1596g
Vee Tire Bulldozer - 120 tpi, folding – 1430g, 1389g
Vee Tire H-Billy - 120 tpi, folding – 1248g, 1263g

Fattie at World of Bikes shot us these weights from tires they have on the shelf!

45NRTH Hüsker Dü - 120tpi, Ultralight – 1279g
45NRTH Dillinger – 120tpi, Studded – 1357g
Surly Lou – 120tpi, Ultralight – 1528g
Surly Bud – 120tpi, Ultralight – 1563g
Surly Nate – 120tpi, Ultralight – 1311g
Surly Endomorph – 120tpi, Non-folding – 1422g
Surly Nate – 27tpi, Steel – 1692g
Surly Big Fat Larry – 120tpi, Folding *not Ultralight – 1431g
Surly Larry – 120tpi, *not ultralight – 1414g
Surly Knard – 27tpi, steel – 1715g
Surly Black Floyd – 120tpi – 1068
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Re: Fat Tire Options on Malus, Dolomite & Hitch

Postby desertguns » Sun Oct 29, 2017 9:00 pm

Yeah, I know the Bulldozer is on backwards, although I doubt it makes a difference on the front. Well the 4.25" Vee Bulldozer is NOT 4.25". In fact it's slightly narrower than the Vee 8 which is 4 3/16. The Dozer is an even 4.0". HOWEVER it is a fantastic tire for dirt with great traction on steep corners. The side knobs actually work on this on & bite through the grit in places a Vee8 or Vee Mission wash out. Ran it at 8, 12 & 15 psi & was impressed. Its well balanced It's a keeper for sure. Maybe I should leave it backward...

The 4.8" Surly Knard is actually closer to 4.6". As a rear tire it grabs well in corners & soft silt. It's rounded profile runs smooth with low rolling resistance. it feels plush compared to the 60tpi Mission, which i like but the knobs are too big to bite well in loose rock & sand over hardpack. The Surly performs well on that terrain.

I'm going to swap & put the Dozer on back & Surly up front. The Knard is a profile similar to the WTB Stout on my Deception & that been the best front tire for me. The Knard's knobs are patterned about the same but on steroids. I expect good results with slightly less float on the back.

Even tho it's not a full 4.8", it's still a huge tire. 8-)

Vee8 on Hitch & Dozer on Dolomite

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