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Wide-tire bicycles with flotation are great in snow or on sand.
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New here.

Postby dirtdobberoffroad » Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:41 pm

Hey every one Im new to the forum, long time big box bike buyer I had a mongoose hoop-d I rode until I was in my 20's It had fiber mag wheels, mud tires, and a bunch of mail order parts that was worth more than the bike but I put hundres of miles on that thing, I used to bash it through the woods, down hill runs, jumps into creeks and off gravel pit gullies it was a tank......I have been out of the bike game for about 10 years but these new fat bikes are very cool, Tell me some stuff to look for when buying one...I assume it will be a Mongoose from, Academy sports but that's not set in stone.

Reason for wanting one besides the COOL look is that I do a lot of fishing back out of the way with no motor vehicle access most of the roads/trails are chunk rock and mowed paths with some stubble, one of my favorite spots is 2 miles back if both gates are open if not its closer to 3 miles one way and 4 coming from the opposite direction, plus I would like to find some other places out in the Ozarks to bike in and fish.

I am in SE MO and most every thing is flat and differs between sand where I live and sticky gumbo on that favorite fishing spot. but the Ozarks are not flat and will be rocky and red clay.

I also Kayak fish and would like to be able to drag it around with the bike also.

I am 6'3 and 250ish so I really like the idea of a wide tire for the sand and mud I have tried to ride a few yard sale 26" bikes back to that spot and its horrible between the mud and the stubble its almost as easy to walk in.
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Re: New here.

Postby Tomcat65 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:18 am

Hey Dobber :)
Your assumption that I'll suggest the Mongoose from Academy, is point on... But I'll also admit that there are other good offerings out there. Aluminum frames are available, rim brakes are out there. Honestly, I just plain like the steel frame fatty with disc brakes for a few reasons.
Because Steel is Real.. lol.. If I ever crack a weld, i can weld it back up myself.. Thinwall steel is pretty resilient to dents and dings compared to aluminum, and the frame has a certain amount of flex that could make it more comfortable. But the fat tires are going to give you a cushy ride, as long as you don't air them up to 95psi. If I ever get a wild hair and decide to put a tapered steerer tube fork on it. I can probably come up with a jig, cut and weld it in myself.. Impossible for a DIY to do at home with an aluminum frame, because I can't heat treat the frame after the welding. Most importantly, because steel is just the strongest material out there within the budget of most people who would ever consider a BBB. I want it to last, and steel guarantees me a long life if I take care of it.

The Mongoose Vinson on Amazon is certainly worth looking at, and the Argus. Both fine bikes, but considerably more pricey.
The Dolomite and the Hitch are very much like the Malus.
The Kawasaki Sumo has some good reviews.
And the Bikes Direct page has some nearly unbeatable deals. Look up Old Man Fat Bike on YouTube.

Your money, but $200.00 to $600.00 is a broad range and your preferences are the only ones that matter when you plunk down your hard earned cash.
DEFINITELY let us know what you get, and why, and how it works out for you!
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Re: New here.

Postby dirtdobberoffroad » Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:06 am

Thanks most folks argument on steel vs. Aluminum sits wrong with me I am in agreement with you on the steel frame I have no problem putting up with the weight of the bike so I can make repairs myself, I just may have to regear to make it more comfortable to ride.

and yes I have already found Old man fat bike on youtube and enjoyed the videos not to mention we are in the same state.
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