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SS and Fixie bikes whether from Walmart or other stores.
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Postby DRock52 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:07 pm

I know its not a BigBox, but it gets me around while I work on my BigBox bike. I love the SS!
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Re: Post A Pic

Postby desertguns » Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:59 pm

Looks sharp. I sure do like the simplicity too, especially with the disk brakes. Is that around 23 lbs?
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Re: Post A Pic

Postby DRock52 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:14 pm

I would guess it is between 25-30 lbs... don't know for sure. I just put some Kenda Kross tires on it, so that lightened it up a little.
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Re: Post A Pic

Postby lincolnmercury » Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:53 am

Walmart Thruster; replaced seatpost, handlebars, pedals. added aerobars, grips, speedo. Bought online with a 20%off coupon. rc'd in 3 days. assembled the bike, then regreased and adjusted headset, BB, and hubs. All but one hub was "dryish". Have been riding it over a year. The aerobar addition made the most difference in comfort. bought those off of "*bay" for $25. I have brake levers and brakes on the way. the levers flex because of the nylon body. I replaced the front with a vintage Campy Record, but the arms were to short. However, even with only 1/3 of the pads on the rim, the difference in stopping distance and "feel" was night and day.
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Re: Post A Pic

Postby forsherl » Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:45 pm

My new 3mm width 50mm front 88mm rearfixed gear wheels 700c,cost me almost $500 :roll:
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Re: Post A Pic

Postby orvil » Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:25 pm

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Thought I'd revive this thread with a pic of my Deception converted to SS. Pics are also on the 29er thread so I won't detail the specs here. Its a blast to ride.
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Re: Post A Pic

Postby Zumwalt » Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:52 pm

Mongoose Sinsure.... great bike so far
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Re: Post A Pic

Postby endomaster » Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:55 pm

I'll share mine, my mountain bike single speed which is a 2011 On One Inbred and my 2011 Felt Z100 which I converted to single speed.


2011 Felt Z100 - SS conversion
2011 Ragley Cragg Vale
2016 PlanetX Pro Carbon

2011 On One Inbred SS

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