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Re: My Craigslist Oma

Postby Heirloom Tomato » Sun May 06, 2012 6:14 pm

wa_desert_rat wrote:After SGB tipped me off to a craigslist oma in Portland my wife and I saddled up the Kia with a 2-bike hitch rack and headed off to buy it. Turned out to be an interesting journey on a reasonably nice weekend (for a change).

The bike (and I don't have a photo of it right now) is an Electra Classic Amsterdam with a dropped bar (female version). It's missing the generator and light but has saddlebags, a remarkably loud bell (loudest bell I've ever heard on a bike), blinky-light pedals, and a cute basket (which fell off with our smallest Jack Russell Terrier (Teka) inside it and had to be tied into place to make it secure). It's equipped with a cool bike stand that kicks up like a regular "lean-it-over" bike stand but when it's deployed it separates into two pieces and holds the bike upright for loading. Not too heavy either. Up 'til now all I've seen were the rear-mounted full support bike stands. This is, I'm pretty sure, much lighter.

It's white in color so it makes a nice contrast to SGB's bike. It's also a 3-speed Shimano hub shifter. Nice leather handlebar grips.

We had a nice introduction to "Portlandia" (a cable television series) in NE Portland which abounds in bike shops, cooperative bike shops, bike mechanics, bicyclists, and bikes of all sizes and shapes both parked and in motion. The area reminded me very much of the 1970s "hippy" movement and the areas they congregated. The guy who sold us the Electra (for $399) is kind of a bike mechanic and we got the impression that he either made his living restoring and rebuilding bikes or spent a lot of time doing it. He said that bike mechanics there made very little money as there are so many of them. LOL

He did tip us off to the "CCC" bike cooperative on Alberta Street. Took us a while - and a few questions - to find it but once we did it was a remarkable place. At the back of the store, on a large covered patio, were 25 or so people receiving instructions on basic bicycle maintenance. Inside the store were bins of parts; pedals, shifters, derailleurs, etc. I asked one of the employees if they had shock pumps and he disappeared for a minute but returned with a bin containing a dozen assorted shock pumps. I selected one that looked like it would do 300psi (at least the gauge went up that high) and asked the price: $10!!!

So now I can pump up the DW's (Dear Wife's) rear shock on her FS Trek and cut way back on "Bob".

We then continued 100 miles west to visit with DW's parents for two days. The DW got a nice long ride on her new bike with Teka in the front basket (well secured). Teka was a little unsure of a second go in the basket after it fell off the first time but she was a trooper.

One thing I discovered was that I am woefully out of shape for riding after the long winter and crappy spring. And, of course, today it's raning. :(

Pictures when it's sunny and the saddle bags and basket are back on. :)


Looking forward to see the pictures (including kickstand).

How does your wife like the geometry and handling?
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Re: My Craigslist Oma

Postby wa_desert_rat » Sun May 06, 2012 10:20 pm

She really hasn't ridden it much... one long-ish ride with the kids and grandkids in Richland but that's it so far. She seemed to like it just fine on that ride. I'm hoping she'll do a lot more riding. It's not at all suitable for the trails around here however. But I pumped up the shock on her Trek Y33 and she can use that with much less bobbing.

Here is a pic with Teka (our Jack Russell Terrier) in the handlebar basket. Teka loves going out riding. Can't see the geometry very well here... I'll do better soon.

sue and teka.jpg
Sue's Electra Amsterdam!
sue and teka.jpg (96.28 KiB) Viewed 759 times
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Re: My Craigslist Oma

Postby Heirloom Tomato » Mon May 07, 2012 10:35 am

Very Cute Pic!!!

I really like the cargo bag on the rear rack too. That looks like a very useful design.
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