Favorite Cycling Channels On YouTube

Videos of your bicycle adventures whether on a bigbox bike or an LBS bike plus tips about how to produce videos.
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Favorite Cycling Channels On YouTube

Postby Tomcat65 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:13 am

Controversial only because this is Big Box Bikes, otherwise, many of you probably watch the same guys.
Anyway, this is my short list. The guys I watch the most and why.

1. Spindatt
He's relatively new, runs a bike shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His theme seems to be Cross bikes on the cheap, but he also rides a home brewed "fake tri" bike, fixed gear, 2 MTB XC bikes and BMX.

2. GCN
The Global Cycling Network has set the bar for cycling news and reviews channels. Their features are a catalog of useful information also. Dan, Matt, Simon, Tom, and the latest guy John, are all professional retirees who love bikes, Road, CX, XC, and commuter bikes are all featured along the way. Also check out GMBN for mountain bikes, and the other new channels that have branched from GCN.

3. Bike Radar
A news and reviews style channel with the most relatable content I've found. They are sponsored, so a lot of the content is over the top equipment, but I watch more for the places they go, the rides they do, and the comparison tests, between everything from wheel size to Sram Vs. Shimano.

4. Bike Blogger
A few years under his belt, almost all road bikes and fixed gear. In the Saint Louis, Missouri area. His content is based on the POV of his commute to and from work, but he does informative features and his commentary is pretty spot-on for most cyclists who just love to ride.

5. Bike Fit Advisor
For the science of bike fit and riding efficiency

6. Chris Carter Live - MTB Tips
Wanna get the best advice for your MTB adventures and riding skills? Hey "Groovers" This is the guy:

7. Sick Biker
CannonDanny, the Polish bike racer, MTB XC, TT, Road, he covers a lot of ground and helps you make smart decisions about equipment with real world advice and experience as it happens:

8. Fast Fitness Tips
I should probably make this guy number 1, but the engineering and spread sheets he does are so complicated and the bikes are almost always over the top racing bikes, but his regular features on equipment and maintenance and maintenance products are Extremely detailed. Not a channel to be ignored if you're seriously passionate about riding:

9. Zack Gallardo
Fixed gear, but he just loves to ride. Currently living in Taiwan, he's doing a lot of interesting things with his channel:

10. Jens Jacobs
Old Man / Fat Bike... These words stick with you after just a couple of his videos lol... And that's pretty much what the video series is, a guy with a Bikes Direct fatbike. Woth watching if you've ever considered buying a fatbike:

11. Budget Friendly Biking
You've probably seen this guy post here, he has a Mongoose Hitch fatbike. His videos are relatable and informative. He's just getting started, or he'd be way on up the list. Worth watching if you want to see an ordinary guy doing what we do, and learning more as he goes:

12. Various Artists
Durian Rider.. A lot of people don't like him, but when he's killing it on a $500.00 Osprey road bike, I find myself cheering him on. (Vegan Warning)
Cycling Maven.. Meh.. I like some of his features, like getting his carbon fiber bike repaired lol:
Seth's Bike Hacks.. I used to be a bigger fan, but he's gone totally Elitist lately and I have stopped watching.
Cycling Weekly.. This channel is not my favorite, but some of their features are really informative and very well delivered. (sponsored)
KevCentral.. The Big Box Bike tester and returner himself. He also does a lot of Harbor Freight and other random reviews. Based in Alabama, he's fairly relatable and easy to figure out:

What are your favorites? And why do you watch them?
Are you guys more into location features? Testing and comparing? Equipment installation and maintenance? Top trends and latest bikes available?
Post your favorite channels, you might have a channel that could become my new favorite too!
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Re: Favorite Cycling Channels On YouTube

Postby jasnooks » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:29 am

I don't really have any channels that I subscribe to, but I have watched quite a few of Bike Bloggers videos. Mainly because he comes up when I search for vids about commuting.
I've watched tons of other vids about bikes, but his are the only ones that stand out enough for me to remember his name.

Edit: RJ the bike guy, is another one that I watch quite a bit, for ideas on customizing, repairs, tips, etc..
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Re: Favorite Cycling Channels On YouTube

Postby Tomcat65 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:14 pm

RJ is really good in his own way. He will show you the botch way to do all kinds of repairs :D "Hey Viewers!" .... by "botch" I mean, a way to wiggle through a bike repair or mod without having to give in and take it to the bike shop (barefoot mechanic warning)..

How's about more?

Road.cc is another magazine news and reviews style channel. I'm not subscribed, but when I watch some of their stuff, I wonder why I'm not..

Park Tool.. Why would I not direct you right to the source when I mention repair video? Why would I leave out the manufacturer sponsored channel from the one brand that I have the most tools? Because their channel is somewhat dink'd. That's why.. but you might glean some pearls or golden nuggets from these guys.

Dafne Fixed... is a channel where anything goes.. in a mild way, kinda, I guess.. lol.. My favorites have been recumbent hand bike vs. fixed. Right now they're doing an E.T. scene recreation in conjunction with Red Bull (gives you wings.) Watch a guy fly a bike on video!

And the ladies bring it too!

Juliet Elliot, a racer, on the road and off, training tips, and overall good advice from experience:

Kelsey Leigh.. A full time bike messenger in NYC. Fun to watch, as if your daughter were into bike riding (giggler warning):

Speaking of bike messengers:

Cheat Death NYC, I don't recommend Anything they do on this channel, or any other bike messenger video, these guys and gals are crazy :P

Scott Harris' Corn Fed.. these guys are the bike messenger standard for daredevil city riding in Indianapolis (lifestyle warning):

Super stunts:

Red Bull .. racing, downhill, freeride, Rampage says it all.. no channel brings you more professional carnage, all of the biggest names including Danny Macaskill's best stunt videos, Brandon Semenuk's Life Behind Bars series, and Curtis Keene's annual enduro documentary On Track:

Vittorio Brumotti Italy:

Chris Akrigg.. Trials rider, does it all:

And one more just because it's just about the coolest free ride flavored MTB video out there:

Sorry, I get carried away with the videos when it's cold outside lol..
There's something for everyone out there boys!
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