A front rack?

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A front rack?

Postby steady eddie » Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:52 pm

I thought that by turning around another OE rear rack, you could mount it on the front and have two racks. Rigid front fork w/eyelets. You could double your options and carrying capacity.

Then, I turned to the 'Net, looking at racks. Yikes!!! You can spend a whole Walgoose on buying a good one...and what do the cyclists say makes for a good rack??

First, it should be made of steel. For strength and field repair. Even out in the boonies, you can almost always find a farmer or somebody with a gas welder rig, and they can fix it.
If the rack is made of cast aluminum, then break out the duct tape and steal some wire from a fence line. Because you are SOL. There are damn few heli-arc machines in the boonies.

By now, I realize that, even on the rock-bottom of the line Schwinn Gateway City bike, it already HAS a chromed steel rear rack. And it fits, too. Made for a bike with 700c wheels and tires.
Perfect. All I have to do is: Buy the bike and buy another OE rack from Schwinn and I'm in.

Then I find this:

http://www.rivbike.com/products/show/pl ... ack/20-193

*MY* great idea has already been done... :lol:

Steady Eddie
Steady Eddie

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