As the Wind Blows..

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As the Wind Blows..

Postby steady eddie » Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:13 pm

Remember in the classic journal of the "Poor Guy on a Bike", where he mentions
having a portable Weather Band radio?? He probably needed one.

But even an AM/FM portable radio would give you local forecasts.

Wind is your enemy, and some things you may not know. The wind blows from an
area of High pressure to an area of Low pressure. We have here a higher pressure
gradient off to the east, on the other side of the Cascade mountains (a lot). When
the weather forecast calls for an East wind, that means a wind FROM the east. So,
should you be riding westerly, the wind would be at your back.

You get pushed along by the wind. However, if your return route is backtracking to
the east, that same wind will be blowing you back.

The local cyclists know things that you do not. Such as how, here on the Lower Columbia
River (in the summer time) the wind ALWAYS picks up at the tide changes. Once the tide
"goes slack" the wind dies back. You can plan around this or you can tough it out.
Perhaps a tide book would be a useful addition to your pack.

Steady Eddie

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Re: As the Wind Blows..

Postby wa_desert_rat » Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:21 pm

Years ago I formulated the saying, "Everywhere you go is either uphill or upwind... or both."

You may notice that even if there is just a mild breeze blowing it always seems to turn out to be in your face once you get going. There is a reason for this. A "tailwind component" of wind has to be within about 30-degrees either side of directly astern to make it a tailwind. This is because as you gain speed over the ground the "apparent wind" (which is the wind you feel on your body) moves forward due to your velocity.

So a wind blowing from your side as you rest will ALWAYS become a headwind as you begin to move. A wind from your stern quarter will diminish but become a side wind as you move forward. And a wind blowing directly on your back is that rarest and most wonderful of winds.... a true tailwind. Take advantage of it while you can... cuz I think I see the road making a turn up ahead. :D
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