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Re: camping/bikepacking gear

Postby kwhauck » Sat Apr 02, 2011 6:47 am

Whacked wrote:I started plotting a route using mapsource.

My home elevation: 23ft
Highest point on trip: 8600ft

A LOT of up and down mountains
Monitor Pass
Carson Pass
Daggett Pass
Ebbetts Pass (optional but may skip for Sonora Pass)
Sonora Pass
Plus riding completely around Lake Tahoe

haven't finished plotting the course but a guessimate 400+ miles

I am no way shape or form physically ready to attempt that yet :)
might have to make the route shorter for a first attempt. Although I really do want to cross over the Sierra Nevada mtns
I'll be doing century rides this year. get my strength up and butt used to hours of being in the saddle.

Ohhh yea, may have to add brake upgrades. My fat ass plus packing gear may burn up the 160mm rotors coming down those mountains lol

Hmmm, maybe instead of leaving from my house I start from my sisters (~2700ft elev) and do Ebbetts and Sonora Pass as a first tour.
I have plenty of time to play around with routes and make a decision.

:lol: at the 23ft elevation. My wife and I lived in a cabin in Colorado for two years. Our elevation was ~9200ft.
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Re: camping/bikepacking gear

Postby Shadow » Sat Apr 02, 2011 6:55 am

9200? dang
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