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Charge Bikes Seat / Saddle

Postby Tomcat65 » Fri May 12, 2017 8:20 pm

Charge Bikes was a brand that didn't mean squat to me, until I started looking for a more comfortable, reliable, and attractive looking brown leather looking saddle. Then, it seemed to stand out like a beacon of bliss lol..

My experience with these seats might differ considerably from yours, so.. yanno? Take my review here as my take only, and if you decide to buy one, I'm not responsible for any misfortune that comes your way by means of this saddle or any of the practices I might have implied were in any way safe.

I experienced a horrible fail, with a cheap no name brand brown leather look saddle. The padding crushed, and came part way loose from the base structure and started bunching up in the most uncomfortable way possible. I realized then, that I needed to find a saddle with high reviews and reasonable price, because I knew I might be buying something else if this didn't work out.

The best looking Charge saddles are (in my opinion) the Knife. Long and sleek, very flat, looks more aero than 99% of the cycling saddles out there. It's in the $65 to $115 range, and that was a bit out of my budget.
Second best looking Charge saddle, the Spoon. Still long and lean, It's a stiff platform that works well with or without bike shorts. I love the shape, helps keep me centered front to back and stays consistently comfortable through any ride. I've seen a complaint about the stitches wearing into a pair of jeans, but very few other complaints. It works for me, and has become my new saddle of choice. The spoon can be found in the $25-$40 range
The third in line, the Ladies Ladle. I have one, I've been passing it around between my bikes, getting a feel for the differences. I gotta admit, I kinda like the feel of the wider seat, shorter, but still long enough to guide the bike with my leg. Same stiff platform, a great pad that doesn't seem to ever collapse. My only real complaint, is when I want to ease off the back of the saddle, it's a little wide. That makes it harder for me to get back on the saddle. The ladle runs around $35-$45
Then there's a retro looking Pan. They claim that it's a more plush and more comfortable version of the spoon, but to me, there's no center relief channel and I'm not sure I'd get along with it. The older I get, the more important the relief becomes. The stitching is completely different and it has a really attractive look. The Pan is in the $35-$55 range.
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Many of these saddles come in varied color combinations and the rails come in Chromoly or Titanium. Average weights are less than 300g for the Knife and the Spoon models. While I'm sure these saddles aren't for everyone, the advanced rider will recognize the logic in a narrow and firm saddle over a wide bottom or too plushly cushioned saddle. Charge Bikes have found my happy medium.
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Re: Charge Bikes Seat / Saddle

Postby leonardH » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:23 pm

I have a Charge spoon on my fat bike and think it’s a great budget saddle. Comfy and reasonably light. Can’t beat the price.

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Re: Charge Bikes Seat / Saddle

Postby Tomcat65 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 5:24 am

Exactly! There have been a few times I didn't like it, but for 90% of my riding, it's been great! I have the spoon on 2 of my bikes, and a ladle on my fatbike. Getting the perfect angle, nose up, or nose down, is the one thing that kind of gets me.

The curve of the seat can put that front end right up in my no-zone, if it isn't angled down just a slight on my city style steel framed 1x8 with bullhorn bars, And on my Cross/gravel bike.

On my Fatbike, the ladle is turned up slightly and it actually helps keep me in a better riding position on the saddle.

Upright on a flat or low rise bar; or stretched out and on the hoods or drops makes a big difference in the way the spoon fits.

I think I'll try a Knife when I buy a really nice road bike.
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