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Re: Budget Fork under $100

Postby metalman302 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:53 pm

Maybe I shouldn't write it off just yet. It seems like they have too many positive to be a shill, and if they were going to scam I'd think it would be for an item that cost more than $80-$100
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Re: Budget Fork under $100

Postby dddd » Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:02 pm

I am recommending that you file the claim immediately if you are perhaps waiting for some positive outcome and haven't filed the claim yet.

The vendor will have a chance to respond to your claim, in order to not lose the order, but they now have to put up (i.e. DELIVER) or shut up ...unless you give them too much time to possibly take money and run.

Ebay gives these Asian vendors a ton of leeway before they shut any of them down, so possibly they have 20 people on the hook right now, and if they can complete their scam on just a couple of them they are happy on their way and will open another account under a different identity (another thing that Ebay seems to be allowing them to do with nothing in the way of accountability).
I've been hearing of large numbers of such scam "sellers" out of China in recent months (selling premium vintage bicycle parts that somehow ended up in China, LOL), and no doubt they are infiltrating every category with basically the same scam. They usually just steal a legitimate vendor's pictures and decriptions, so these legitimate vendors end up being the ones policing all the ads and filing most of the complaints to Ebay, since it undercuts their own sales sharply.
Remember, a seller in China or India may find it quite worth their while to go to "seemingly too much trouble" to scam a buyer for even ten bucks. Ten bucks to many of them is like $200 would be to many of us.

I was hoping for the best here, and would have myself jumped at the chance to buy a 29" Epixon for even $150 shipped. But such a hot commodity item just does not turn up selling in any quantity for much less than the market price, ESPECIALLY when the photo shows the most-current version (with black stanchions as it were). Aging stock just does not sit around in China waiting to be sold off at any loss of profit! Money and credit are very tight there and things are more likely to be sold literally as (or even a bit before) they are even manufactured!!!

Best wishes on getting a full refund from Ebay and Paypal. Please let us know how this resolves!
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Re: Budget Fork under $100

Postby metalman302 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:43 pm

The first message I asked for a refund since they never even sent the correct item anywhere. They promptly replied and offered to resend or a refund. I immediately replied and asked for the refund. Two days pass and I message them again asking where's the refund. It took another day for them to get back to me and they ask for my PayPal address which is odd considering they can refund it right through eBay easily. I immediately replied with my PayPal. I checked their feedback and noticed of 87 forks sold, the only positive feedback for one was 2 weeks ago, and today someone negative'd them for the same item. I go to file a claim just in case. They want you to wait till the maximum allowed shipping time before you can open a claim. I had to get someone on the phone at PayPal to open it. Fwiw I double checked with them and yes even if the scammer pulls all their money out, you will still get a refund from eBay or PayPal. I don't think it was that way a long time ago but it has been for years now.
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Re: Budget Fork under $100

Postby Tomcat65 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:27 pm

I used to try to deal with sellers, but now, I just file a claim as soon as it goes wonky. to date, I've never lost a claim. And I buy a huge amount of ebay bike stuff from really reliable USA sellers on Ebay.

Many more, but I've bought from all of these guys in the last 6 months. No problems, super fast shipping

Other online stores I like:
Jenson USA
Niagra Cycle
Performance Bike

But then there are others..
Just wait, I'm about to give a full review on another, Outside Outfitters... It's been something else..
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Re: Budget Fork under $100

Postby bikesRfun » Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:57 am

Thanks for posting the list of sellers you had no problems with.
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Re: Budget Fork under $100

Postby dddd » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:44 pm

Today I thought I would follow up and take a look at how the vender was doing who was supposed to be sending a fork to metalman302.

Looks like they are belly up. Suddenly there are no items for sale, they claim to be on vacation, and 19 new negative reviews, doubtless these on the few expensive items (forks) that they ever sold on their current Ebay name/store.

I'm glad that metalman took immediate action to reclaim the funds from those crooks. Ebay may refund in full, but I note that they at some point allowed that vendor to make their feedback PRIVATE, as in hidden! You can't tell what the complaints were about at all, nor can you see which (like only their few expensive ones, LOL) items genrerated all of those 19 new negatives over the past one month.
Shame on Ebay for helping these cheats keep buyers from knowing! They get their fees from the vendors, so it seems that they don't care about what scams that the vendor is working.

Unfortunately there are no new sources of Epixon 29" forks for under $190 or so shipped price. That's still a good price already though, for those shopping in that price range.
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Re: Budget Fork under $100

Postby metalman302 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 9:18 pm

I did get the the full refund. I too had been checking their feedback daily, leading up to and during the dispute. There was one negative for the fork the day that I filed the dispute, and one positive for a fork several days later. That is BS that they can make their feedback private like that. I was reading the surge of complaints up until they privatized it. I had thought about complaining to eBay about their ability to do that, but it's probably pointless as I'd imagine it's a death sentence for their account. I know I'd never buy anything off a seller with a bunch of negs and private feedback.... Not even a $1 phone charger.

Oh and I did buy another Epixon from the big Ali sale, $149 shipped for a 27.5.
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