Single speed rear cog swap/Mongoose Beast/Brutus/others

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Single speed rear cog swap/Mongoose Beast/Brutus/others

Postby Tomcat65 » Thu Jun 09, 2016 8:49 pm

There's a snap ring that holds the rear cog in place. I used a couple of picks in 2 of the 3 splines to pry it out and pop it up and off. Simple. And Yes, the axle nuts are still in place. Pop the snap ring, remove the old cog, wipe any dirt or grit away before you seat the new gear, and drop the new one in place. The snap ring was easy to reinstall barehanded. Just push it down until it seats
I have pics of the new one going back on;

Necessary items, a chain breaker, a new chain 112 links in the one I bought (I had to remove a few links), picks or a tiny screwdriver to pop the snap ring off. 15mm wrench to remove and replace the wheel, 10mm wrench to disconnect the brake arm and bracket. The new chain came with a quick link.

34t chainring and 22t rear cog Made A Huge Difference Not too slow, makes awesome power now. Like shifting down 2 gears on a 7 speed on your middle chain ring. It's such a simple mod, I believe anyone with any mechanical experience can do it, And CHEAP!
Rear cog $7.50 Shimano Nexus 22 tooth cog / Ebay
Chain $10.00 KMC chain / Ebay
If you don't have a chain breaker, Add $10 for a cheapy/Walmart, or spend $40 on a Parks brand lol..
$20 - $30 and 20 to 30 minutes.. Bah! DO IT! :P Definitely worth it
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