Suntour Forks...!!! i'm So confused

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Re: Suntour Forks...!!! i'm So confused

Postby madhatter9631 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:59 am

Much respect for a guy taking care of family. Confident you will overcome the weight consequences. Thanks for your service. I'm a smaller guy at 6' and 190lbs so I don't have to overcome those types of suspension questions....although I'm sure one of these guys is probably aware of some sort of table or chart to help with the decision. Good luck and please post results to help others in the future
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Re: Suntour Forks...!!! i'm So confused

Postby dddd » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:06 am

Since this is about Suntour forks, I thought I'd post to let people know that the Suntour forks below the [i]current[i] XCR series of forks all seem to have the replaceable slider bushings that slide in and snap-lock into position.
This sounds like a good feature, but results in too much free-play between the lowers and the stanchion tubes for the seals to handle. These lower-tier forks do not seal well and are a poor choice for off-road riding since dirt intrusion quickly stiffens the fork's sliding action and then wears out the stanchions and bushings in a hurry. You might notice the dirty grease that appears above the "seals" and which moves in both directions past the seals until it simply dries up.
You also might notice a clicking sound as their replaceable bushings are being forced up and down about 1mm within the movement allowed by their locking click tabs.

So the XCR forks have moved up beyond the replaceable bushing level and now seem to sell for $120 or so. The Raidon is the next level up and is much better and lighter, but the even better and lighter Epixon forks now seem to sell for below $150 if you shop around and choose only from strong sellers with big feedback and who sell many such forks.
Buyer beware if you buy from Chinese sellers with weak feedback and who sell mostly two-dollar items and such, you may never get your fork and will have to act fast to get your funds back.
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