Platform Pedals versue Clipless Pedals versus Toe Clips

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Re: Platform Pedals versue Clipless Pedals versus Toe Clips

Postby Irishmongooserider » Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:43 pm

Where I came more from a downhill-freeride-stunt background I have been on platforms mostly, but am moving to Crankbrothers system slowly (one bike at a time).
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Re: Platform Pedals versue Clipless Pedals versus Toe Clips

Postby Houndog » Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:24 pm

BoomerBrian wrote:
SgtBaxter wrote:Amazon sells some XLC dual clipless/cage pedals pretty cheap ($31) -->

They're great pedals, I had them installed on my Dick's brand DBX bike, and I'll move them over to my Kona Blast when it arrives later this week. I'll probably get another pair, or maybe all clipless becuase I'm relegating the DBX to simple rail trails/road type duty if I don't just sell it.

Anyway they clip in and out super easy, just twist your foot slightly and you're out of them. Plus they include the cleats. Mine were fine, however I see some reviews mentioning they had to back off the bearings a little bit because they were too tight.

Anyway the dual pedals are great in that you can just ride platform for gnarly stuff if you wish, and clip in for road journeys.

Do you have a problem with the pedals flipping over to the platform side when trying to clip in?

I'm curious as well.....
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Re: Platform Pedals versue Clipless Pedals versus Toe Clips

Postby Modded_Mongoose » Wed Sep 07, 2011 8:03 pm

I've gone clipless on mine. Shimano M520. Like it so far, only thing I don't like is not being able to just jump on my bike and ride without having the proper shoes on.
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Re: Platform Pedals versue Clipless Pedals versus Toe Clips

Postby wa_desert_rat » Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:49 am

I was reminded by an email this morning that a case can be made for NOT riding clipless on an MTB; especially if you're trying to learn basic maneuvers like the bunny hop.

Someone touched upon this in the "bunny hop" portion of the "riding" thread and it made sense to me then but it's even more sense now.

Near the end of the "bunny hop" thread I complained that every single video I've found that demonstrates that maneuver does it while clipped in. The problem is that the way you hop while clipped in is definitely not the way you hop on platform pedals.

If your feet are attached to the pedals it's a relatively simple move to keep your feet flat, squat and jump while lifting your feet (by bending your knees). This does hop the bike but if you try this on flats all you'll do is jump yourself off your bike.

When you're riding on flat pedals you have to get the technique down far more than on clipless. Your body has to learn the correct position for applying the pressure on the pedals and handlebars to get the bike to do what you want. Notice that the trials riders don't ride clipped in; their feet are firmly planted on flat pedals yet they jump those bikes from rocks to benches to walls with apparent ease.

They do their tricks so well because they have learned to apply the appropriate forces to the bikes without being "attached" to the bike. They're connected.... but they aren't attached, if you get the difference there.

In the case of the bunny hop, one foot forward with the heel down and toe up while the other foot is back with the heel up and the toe down. The opposite forces on the pedals allows you to bring your legs up and the pedals (and bike) will follow.

What I'm saying is that even though riding clipless allows you to apply more force to the pedal, if you learn the techniques properly on flat pedals you can then be an even more effective rider if you clip in. :)

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