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Re: New Members introduce yourself and say hello!

Postby to the beach » Mon May 01, 2017 7:48 pm

Welcome onemaximus. I'm interested in reading about your new purchase. I'm in the same boat being 45 and having taken 18 years off from riding a bicycle....although for 9 of those years I was riding a motorcycle.
to the beach
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Re: New Members introduce yourself and say hello!

Postby dtholmanmax » Mon May 29, 2017 5:55 am

Hi Guys
David in TX here...I think most of you ride a lot more than I do...I'm in the market so I can ride with my girls...they can all ride now and I just want to be able to take hour-long rides with them here and there on the paved trails near my house. Definitely would like a damn decent bike that's not too heavy. I'll be researching the site for something that fits me. Probably not going to upgrade much other than the seat...last bike was a Mongoose a50r that I got in 2001...
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Re: New Members introduce yourself and say hello!

Postby orvil » Mon May 29, 2017 6:33 pm

Hey David, welcome to the party. I bought an A50R off CL a couple months ago, made some upgrades and sold it to a friend of my daughter that was wanting to get into cycling. It was a neat bike. As far as a decent bike for you, there are plenty out there. If the majority of your riding is truly going to be smooth bike paths and neighborhood streets then I would probably steer you to a hybrid. If you purchased a bike with aggressively knobbed tires, those tires will just wear down too fast and they won't give you the grip you need on paved surfaces. Check out some of the other threads on this forum to get an idea of what type of bike is out there and check them out for size and feel. Let us know which bike you decide on. Have fun.
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Re: New Members introduce yourself and say hello!

Postby Gone Platinum » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:12 pm

Hello, I'm new here on this forum. I'm also new to the bike world. Learning quickly about the obsession. Find it so interesting that bikes can be customized affordably. I haven't had the opportunity to ride as much as I would like, looking forward to cooperative weather. I'm a photo loving chic. I'm also looking forward to sharing some pics of landscapes views from upcoming rides. I noticed a topic in general discussions where people post photos of their destinations. So cool. Anyways, howdy y'all from Western Kentucky. :P
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Re: New Members introduce yourself and say hello!

Postby Letsride » Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:37 am

Hi everyone, new guy here. I'm a Chinook helicopter mechanic in the Army, and enjoy riding bike most everyday that I can. I also enjoy working on bikes and I'm glad to find a site thats not full of expensive bike snobs. My most recent bike is a Schwinn High timber I purchased last month
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Re: New Members introduce yourself and say hello!

Postby ItsJustJoe » Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:53 am

Hello everyone! I'm Joe from Oklahoma. I grew up biking in the mountains in Colorado, and when I moved to Oklahoma and became old enough to drive and chase girls, I gave up biking. I'm married now, so no more chasing girls, and the wife and I decided to start riding bikes :).

I'm sure you would assume that, since I am on this site, I did indeed buy a big box bike... This forum was very helpful when considering my options. I actually tried out three before ultimately deciding, and although a complete novice to reviews - I hope to be able to share my impressions of the three to hopefully help others. I'm also excited to have a new 'project' - but more on that later. :)
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