Schwinn Sierra Currie Electro Drive

Ed Begley, Jr. rides one of these! (See the tv program "Living with Ed")
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Schwinn Sierra Currie Electro Drive

Postby FORB » Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:01 pm

Scored a free Schwinn Sierra with a factory installed Currie Electro Drive. Made in Taiwan. Not set on the year but guessing between '98-'00 from what very little info I can scrape up on the old interweb. It's 24 volt, likely 350 watts. Has been neglected and left outside probably for years. I've got it riding under humanoid power so far but still needs work. Rear rim warped, needs truing or a full relacing with a double wall rim and heavy gauge spokes. Electrical condition unknown but I bet the batteries are toast. Haven't tested the motor yet but have found replacement parts are readily available.

Anybody know anything about these bikes? Hardly any info anywhere except they've had some kind of faults that Schwinn wouldn't support the dealers with and that made alot of people unhappy. Doesn't bother me as I'm very mechanically inclined in alot of things.
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Re: Schwinn Sierra Currie Electro Drive

Postby desertguns » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:17 am

Welcome FORB! How about a photo? I had no idea Schwinn sold factory electric setups. Very tempting to build one these days with drives & lithium batteries getting cheap.
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